Monthly Archives: December 2011

Why ask why?

When I walk around my neighborhood it’s rare that I come back without several questions. Why are they digging that trench? There are trucks without city marks on them, but some of the gear seems to have an AT&T logo on it, are they making infrastructure upgrades in my neighborhood? All over my city? There’s a new sign that went up claiming an intersection is now “Photo Enforced”, but I don’t see a camera, what’s going on here?

Why do I ask why? I guess it’s just my nature. It’s why I like being involved with journalism and the news business in general. When I was a little kid it took longer to walk with me than the dog.

So my request is for journalists to be far more curious. Isn’t that why you got into this field (I’m sure it wasn’t for the pay.)?

My ideal journalist is the person that never stops asking why. She doesn’t sit at her desk and just make phone calls. She doesn’t clock out and turn off her curiosity. Every walk, every lunch, car ride, or gaze out the window should open the floodgates of curiosity.

A nagging curiosity leads to discovery, to breaking stories, to exposing corruption and inevitably making our communities, whether they are neighborhoods, states or countries, a better place.

Both journalists and developers are on the forefront of what’s new and changing. Curiosity is a key driver in both our fields, it’s why I’m so thrilled to be at the intersection of both. Good journalism leads to change, but that doesn’t happen unless you ask –why?

NOTE: This post is in (very late) reply to this month’s Carnival of Journalism.