Knight, I know you can do it right

Stop giving money to old media, even individuals that are still in that mindset.

Hand the keys over to tech people. No need to be jealous of Silicon Valley innovation, just fund it. Seek out proposals from non-journalists and fund them.

The joint venture between Knight and Mozilla is a start, but it is also a start in the wrong direction. Why not just give Mozilla money to start a publication? Why not add a component to an established event such as a TechCrunch conference? There could be a pitch contest from entrepreneurs looking to fund really outside the box ideas.

I feel like only a small percentage of the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge money goes to breakthrough innovations, most of it goes to other large organizations to fund specific stories. Sometimes you get the feeling Knight is like the Federal Reserve lending to large banks.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) this is a very short contribution to this month’s Carnival, so I will leave you with the most distilled down version of this post’s ideas

Continue the challenge but take more risk. Give out more grants, smaller grants and ask different people to take that risk, people outside your comfort zone.


[NOTE: This is a response to March 2011’s Carnival of Journalism prompt. ]

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