Hidden in Plain Site

My posts may be rubbish, but on the off chance that they are nuggets of pure wisdom, what happens when no one sees them?

This had previously led me to think about witholding a very good (ahem, in my opinion) post because it wouldn’t be well read.

This Atlantic article reminded me of how poorly I can think at times. The article takes a good look at the propagation of content on the web and the simultaneous rise in status of people along with their newly discovered but previously written posts. It focuses on Aaron Bady and his blog zunguzungu, but also notes several other individuals who have been through a similar rise to prominence.

The bottom line from the article is summarized by this quote:

…it shows that in today’s media landscape, an act of journalism can spread quickly to the very highest levels of the culture and news industry, no matter where it comes from.

Isn’t that energizing! It does more to perk me up than 10 cups of coffee, plus 10 cups of coffee makes me dizzy and nauseous.

What I take from that quote and article in a broader sense is that our world is becoming more of a meritocracy than it has ever been before and that gives me great optimism about the future of humanity. This is a theme that I think has been echoed for sometime online including another great article recently about the rise of a sports blogger.

So not only is the web and the blogging community a huge meritocracy, it is also a place where discovery is more likely to occur due to the permanence of content on the Internet.

As an American, and an entrepreneur who has had his foot in the publishing door for sometime now, I am re-energized and truly excited about the possibilities of online publishing, a long overdue epiphany. It’s good to be practicing what I preach.

(Post Script)

I do realize that my title is a wee bit too punny, but something about running an online paper for a few years compels me to pun-ify my titles. I may be hanging around too many journalists.

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