This web log is aimed squarely at nothing in particular.

It is a jack of all subjects and a master of none (everyone always leaves off the second part of that idiom).

After languishing in internet obscurity for years now it was time had *something* on it. It was also time that I played around with Posterous, which I have heard good things about. Plus the indie/hipster buried deep inside me wanted to use a more obscure platform than the obvious Blogger, or the trendy and up and comer, Tumblr.

This is to be my catch-all for anything I write anywhere, from this point in time forwards. For anything previous to this blog see the appendix of my never to be posthumously published autobiography, “I Wish I Were the Most Misunderstood Man in the World.”

Both Adam Leff and Lee McMullen were big sources of inspiration for me when I thought about starting this blog. The former showed me that you can start out an okay writer and with practice blow people’s minds with clever well written observations. The latter inspired me with both her innately brilliant writing and an unfortunate and equally brilliant ability to squander that talent through not writing.

So here I sit wondering why any one person would read all my blog entries. I will take this space to indulge my curiosity in the form of writing.

So it goes.

*Can you think of one thing labeled an introduction that isn’t immensely boring? At least this one was short.

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